Chestermere Stocking Stuffer Guide

Chestermere Stocking Stuffer Guide

We love supporting local small businesses! Check out this curated list by Melissa of our favourite finds to stuff those stockings this holiday season. Or if they've been naughty, just give 'em coal. Wait a sec, maybe a sack of coal is worth a lot?

... nah ...

I looked it up.

A pound of coal is only worth like 10 cents. Anyways, back to the list!


Frost Bites from The Treat Factory

These freeze dried candies and ice cream melt in your mouth! Mandy has made so many amazing treats! Did you know this freeze-dried stuff lasts a long time too? So when the zombie apocalypse happens, and other people are eating beans and rice, you'll be living like a king eating your ice cream and candies!


Loose Leaf Tea from Totalitea

Shelley and her team create the most amazing teas! Move over David's Tea!! Do we even know who David is? No. Just a faceless dude with a huge corporation. I'd rather support this local gem! If you send her an email, you can pick up here in Chestermere instead of driving to the Farmer's Market.

Hand Poured Candles from Becks & Co.

The best part of the day is when the kitchen is clean, the kids are tucked into bed, I light a candle, pull out the ice cream, and stare off into the distance contemplating all of life's mysteries like, "why don't sheep shrink when it rains?", or "when sign makers go on strike, is anything written on their signs?"


Honey from Wild Prairie Honey

My kids told me that honey is essentially bee barf. Yum. Oh well, still delicious! 

The vanilla cinnamon stuff is drool worthy!


Hand Thrown Mug from Shawna Pierce Pottery

If you don't own a mug from Shawna, can you even call yourself a Chestermerian? Chestermite? Chestarian? 


Bath Bombs from Honu Body Care

We call Ryan "The Bath Bomb Guy" around here! His creations are amazing. You can contact him directly to purchase or swing by the Lakeshore Spa. Also, if you don't know the character on this bath bomb, you're no longer my friend. #RIPbumble #JustKiddingHeDidn'tDie #SpoilerAlert


Mittens from Chris's Creations


I love my mittens from Chris! They're so soft and warm. And the coolest thing is that they're made from up-cycled sweaters! Kind of makes you wonder what cool things your mittens did while they were still a sweater eh?
You can message her on her FB page to order.


Foaming Sugar Scrub from The Sugar Mama

Made by Prairie Sky Healing Arts exclusively for Sugar Mama Body Sugaring, this scrub is divine! Also, if you know Selena, you know she is divine as well (and not JUST because she has goddess hair!)


Scrunchies from Scrunchies by Alexia

Support a Chestermere Local: BOOM

Support a teenager: BOOM

Support a female run small business: BOOM

That's three booms ya'll.


Harmony Essential Oil Rollers from Harmony Health & Fitness

These can also be purchased from Fresh Culture Co.

Okay, I'm a picky essential oil girl. Some just smell like dirt TBH. But these all smell AMAZING! The headache one is my fav!


Spices from Jake's Legendary Steak Spice

Okay, honesty moment. I've pretty much tried everything personally on this list, EXCEPT for Jakes! Don't stone me. I just haven't had the chance yet. Plus I'm not really a steak person. Okay, you can stone me now. That's fair. 
BUT, I'm going to recommend this product because I've heard incredible reviews! Plus they SOLD OUT of product at their last market. Insert jaw drop here. 

You can pick it up at Remedy's RX.


Soap from Chestermere Soap Co.

Shameless plug here! 

This soap is all natural, handcrafted by a nerdy accountant, and smells 10,000 times better than that nasty Irish Spring you've been using. 
Plus it's named after areas in Chestermere like "Marina Drive" (Lemongrass) and "Kinniburgh Gardens" (Honey + Carrot)


Scrunchies by Taliii Scrunchie

I know what you're thinking..."Melissa, you already put a scrunchie company on this list." ZIP IT BUCK ROGERS! (Who even IS Buck Rogers?)
Is there such thing as too many scrunchies? No! 


Hot Chocolate Bombs from For Sweet Sakes

You can't really go wrong with chocolate, can you? 
I once read this funny story where this lady thought these were for the bath and she was complaining that they left a weird residue ... lol. 


Wooden Baking Spoons from Dunn and Company

Did you know Chestermere's newest (and most beautiful) restaurant also has a little mercantile?

*disclaimer, we will not be held liable for any wooden spoon spankings*


Face Oil from 4 Sols

I've been using this with my gua sha stone for a little face massage so I don't look too much like Ezma and it's pretty dang nice. Great for dry crocodile skin like mine. 
The 4 Sols shop is over by Subway. (Okay side note, is anyone else ever tempted to go through the subway drive thru? Like it HAS a drive thru ... however you can't use it ... but what would happen if I tried?? If you have intel, return and report.)


Personalized Kid Apron from Keeteelee Studio

Message Keeteelee Studio on their instagram to order one of these adorable aprons! Maybe your kid will become the next Top Chef? Or maybe they'll continue to bring you burnt toast in bed. Yeah....probably the latter.


Harmony Heart Silverware Pendant by ReDesigned


Message ReDesigned on their instagram page to order one of these unique necklaces made from up-cycled silverware! Hey that got me thinking ... why DID the dish run away with the spoon? Sounds scandalous to me. 


Okay, you made it to the end of the list!! I know there's more amazing businesses out there, so if I missed you, I'm truly sorry. You can egg my house. JK. Don't. 

Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas! 

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